May 3, 2012

Toilets On Top Of the World

Table Mountain National Park is one of Cape Town’s busiest tourist attractions, receiving on average 15 000 visitors per day.

This equates to a lot of toilet waste for an area without a sewage system!

What this means is that all their sewage is transported daily, first class, via the famous cableway car so it can be safely disposed of.

But Sannitree have alleviated part of this problem by installing Free Flo Urinal Valves, which eliminates the need for water or flushing.

The overall effect is a huge reduction in sewage waste, a cash saving, and a lowering of the environmental footprint of the visitors, because you don’t need water to transport water.

Plus it cut out odour problems. Ever seen a urinal packed with ice? That’s because they are probably water borne urinals and inclined to block, causing smell problems.

Free Flo Urinal Valves create a dry surface environment, which does not allow bacteria to breed and spread bad odours.

Find out how a Free Flo Urinal Valve can save you money or phone us now on 021 701 1266

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