July 2, 2012

Clogged up septic tank in Pretoria

One newly satisfied Sannitree® customer is Mooiplasie, a self-catering establishment in the game reserve of Dinokeng, just north of Pretoria.

The facility is popular amongst families, school and church groups as well as companies for midweek and weekend conferences. Small weddings are also catered for.

All in all, Mooiplasie caters for just over 72 people on a septic tank system, and before they started using Sannitree, they were having overflow problems.

These problems were probably caused by the increased load of people using the system on the weekends.

This is a common occurrence with resorts and even holiday homes: extra people use the septic system and the natural bacteria cannot keep up with the sudden increase in organic waste. The excess waste is not broken down fast enough and a build-up occurs, causing the sewage lines to back up, block and overflow.

“Initially we were quite skeptical about the Sannitree Free Flo PillsTM but having administered them according to the instructions, we were amazed that within two months the overflow problem on our main septic tank disappeared completely as well as the unwanted smell and accompanying flies,” said Leon, of Mooiplasie.

“Our general soak-away pit area has shown a vast improvement which can only be attributed to the use of Sannitree Free Flow PillsTM. This product can only be recommended.”

Leon is one of many satisfied Sannitree® Customers who have seen our products work for them.

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