May 13, 2014

My cat just peed on my carpet!

Here’s how to remove a cat urine smell for good!

It happens: dogs, cats (even humans) sometimes pee where they shouldn’t. This often occurs during winter when your animal is reluctant to go outdoors. After all, why suffer the cold and rain when you can back up and spray inside a nice warm lounge?

Sannitree Odour Digestor has been around for years and it is the go-to product for stubborn animal and urine smell (s) (in fact any organic smell: spilt milk, vomit, smelly shoes . . . rotten fish, you name it)

The old-fashioned approach to removing bad odours caused by urine etc. is to drown them in chemicals and deodoriser. Unfortunately this method does not work and the smell always returns. The reason for this is that the chemicals kill the very microbial bacteria which will eliminate the problem if only you would let them.

Quite simply, the odour (say sour milk) is caused by bacteria feasting on the milk solids. As the bacteria eat they release gas. This gas is in fact the bad odour which you smell. Unfortunately, these bacteria take quite a while to work – months in some cases – and nobody can tolerate a bad malodour for that length of time. This causes frustrated homeowners to resort to chemicals which will of course kill the bacteria but won’t destroy the milk solids. In time, new bacteria will thrive and the smell will return.

So the cycle goes.

The Sannitree approach to odour removal combines modern technology with ancient natural processes. Instead of killing the friendly bacteria, we help them. By giving them an over-supply of enzymes we assist them in breaking organic solids down into bite-sized chunks which they can then quickly devour.

The interesting thing about this approach is that the urine smell or other bad odour actually gets worse for a 24-hour period as the microbes embark on a feeding frenzy – but then the odour magically vanishes after the bacteria run out of food. No more food means no more gas, which means no more bad smell.

And the bacteria? Unfortunately, good guys always finish last and it does not end well for them. They literally starve to death and your home is left clean and odour free.

For specialised advice on odour control, contact us on – we have a whole team of microbial specialists at your disposal.

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