May 13, 2014

Septic Tank Cleaning & Treatment: Chemical vs Enzymes


What is the buzz with chemicals and septic tanks – are they compatible?

In moderation they are acceptable. After all, you cannot be expected to tolerate bacteria in your toilet bowl and good hygiene is imperative in the home.But watch out for overkill – no need to saturate the toilet bowl with germ killer – so use it sparingly.

And most importantly, NEVER rinse bleach or caustics down your septic system as it will wipe out the entire microbial colony living peacefully inside your tank. Without those friendly microbial’s your effluent will not get broken down, and those killer chemicals will keep your poo in a suspended state of animation. Your tank will fill up too quickly, and before you know it, you will be forking out big bucks to have it pumped.

So what should you do when it comes to septic tank cleaning?

Rather adopt a basic maintenance program whereby you supplement the bacteria which is lost through general cleaning. By flushing Sannitree Bio-Enzymes down your toilet bowl every month you will keep the microbial colony alive and actually speed up the decomposition process that makes your tank tick.

Once those hungry Bio-Enzyme Granules reach the effluent layer inside your tank they begin to salivate and whip out their napkins and cutlery. It is like a buffet for them and they literally feast their way through the poo.

Another way to look at it is to see your septic tank as a mini eco-system. A healthy tank will show signs of life. Expect to see earthworms, small insects and perhaps a hobbit or two making their way through middle earth. Now imagine showering the poor creatures with acid rain in the form of harmful chemicals – this is why we recommend using disinfectants in moderation.

One last thing. If you own a pit toilet it is especially important to keep it biologically active. The knee-jerk reaction to dealing with a bad pit toilet smell is to toss down a bucket of sheep dip. This may kill the smell for about 24 hours, but it will return with a vengeance. Rather give the entire a toilet a good hose down. Add 100 grams of Sannitree Bio-Enzymes with copious water and if you can, give the effluent a stir with an old stick. This will puncture any gas pockets that typically form about a foot below the surface. The entire effluent layer will drop a couple of feet, giving you extra capacity – plus the smell will go away.

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