August 29, 2019

Spend a penny in Kenya


Spending a penny is an old British saying from the 1850s, as most women’s public toilets required a penny to open the lock.

Nowadays you need to spend about 8 cents if you want to ablute in the townships of Nairobi, Kenya. A clever entrepreneur has spotted a gap and set up a “toilet mall”, enabling him to earn his bread and butter from other people’s waste.

This is a giant step forward, as Nairobi had sadly become notorious for its famed “Kenyan Flying Toilets”. Residents would poo in a plastic shopping bag and swing it around their heads before releasing it in their favorite neighbour’s direction.

Fortunately, this habit has not caught on locally, probably because our informal toilet needs are taken care of by Sannitree®, who is still heavily involved in treating and disposing of waste in a more traditional manner. In fact, some amazing opportunities were created for a couple of hard-working entrepreneurs that live in the informal sector

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