March 3, 2020

Treat 5 to 20 cubes of waste water per day with Sannitree’s DWAF compliant Super Sewer

As the drought in South Africa becomes a reality, many small boutique hotels and farms which are off the sewage grid are looking to modular sewage treatment systems capable of re-cycling the grey water that passes through them. The toilet to-tap system you can install yourself!

Sannitree® has developed a compact bio-reactor that is electrically efficient and uses a biological operating principle to render the waste stream DWAF compliant. This means that the final effluent is suitable for irrigation as determined in the National Water Act 1998.

This toilet-to-tap system can treat 5 to 20 cubes of waste per day and due to its modular add-on capacity, the system can be expanded as demand increases.  Because it requires so little space it can be easily hidden.

Unique amongst its competitors, the Super Sewer System allows the customer to install the bio-reactor themselves if they so wish. The entire fiber-glass tank system can be nested within each other and will easily fit on the back of a small truck. The installation process is not difficult and offers significant cost savings.

The Super Sewer is a proven system and has been around since 1998. In keeping with their ISO Accreditation, Sannitree® regularly test the quality of waste effluent through independent laboratories.

While Sannitree® do not claim to polish effluent water to clarity good enough to mix with your favourite whiskey, they offer a fantastic waste stream perfect for use in agriculture or landscaping.

If your property is ‘off the sewage grid’ call Sannitree® now, they have the technology to help.

Their driving maxim has always been to judge water on its quality, not its family tree. It may have been down the toilet a few times, into a septic tank, and through a Super Sewer, but they guarantee that it is still good for a couple more flushes.

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