August 24, 2020

Smelly Garden Shoes

Now that your pruning is done and composting dug in, relax and enjoy the explosive colours of spring. Except you’ll want to complete one final task before breathing in those floral aromas.

You’ve been ankle-deep in mulch all winter long and those sweat glands in your feet might draw unwanted attention to your favourite pair of gardening shoes.

Sannitree Shoe Pong is here to help. Sit back, loosen your laces and spray generously upon the sole. Leave them in a shady place and within a matter of hours, the friendly odour-eating bacteria and enzymes will chomp their way through the stink like they’re dining on French cheese. Your shoes will soon smell sweeter than your favourite rose.

If anybody has any queries about Shoe Pong or needs more advice on removing odours from shoes, call Sannitree on 021 701 1266 or email

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