FreeFlowing Urinal Valve™

The Sannitree® Waterless FreeFlowing Urinal Valve™ completely eliminates the need for water and the sewer costs normally incurred by conventional urinals.

It features an airtight seal to keep toilets completely odourless without wasting water in the urinal. Using the one-way valve water-free urinal system will ensure that your water usage and maintenance cost are radically reduced.

The Sannitree® Freeflowing Waterless Urinal Valve™ is patented (No. 2010/08157) and ISO certified.


How it works

The water-free urinal valve benefits

  • No water required in the urinal, therefore no flushing away of portable water
  • No floods. No water therefore no floods!
  • Forget about blocked urinal pipes or replacing expensive pipes
  • Improved hygiene in your washrooms, no bacteria – no smell
  • Easy to clean, only mild soapy water required
  • No overall maintenance – no contracts required – simply replace the valve every 6 months

Is it hygienic?

Regardless of what type of urinals or flushing system you currently have, water-free urinals will make your men’s room a healthier place. As well as offering significant water savings, water-free urinals eliminate many of the problems associated with flushing urinals, namely scale, odour, blockage, and subsequent flooding. The water-free or waterless urinal is healthier and more hygienic than other alternatives because it is both dry and flushless. With waterless urinals, bacteria don’t have the moisture they need to thrive. The dry urinal surface of a water-free urinal is liquid repellent and hostile to bacteria. Urinals that are flushed are known to spread bacterial aerosols, which then seed in nearby wet and damp spots to form new growths. All of this is eliminated with The Free-Flowing one-way water-free urinal valve.

How does it work?

  1. Urine drains from the bowl into the FreeFlowing Valve
  2. It enters the patented airtight seal, flowing into the waste pipe
  3. The urine simply flushes away without the need for water, eradicating bad smells and limescale

Cost-saving benefits to new build & refurbs:

  • No water supply pipes are required in the urinals
  • No cistern or down-pipes to install or maintain
  • No flush control systems to fit or maintain
  • No electrics for the flush control systems required


Easy to install and maintain

Fitting your FreeFlowing Urinal Valve™ is easy!

Step 1: Remove the grate, waste fitting and trap from the existing ceramic unit.

Step 2: Clean away any debris/old putty from the unit and make sure the waste line is clear of any sludge or blockages.

Step 3: Install the waste and connect straight into the waste line using flexible piping or an elbow and connectors. (Use sikaflex/silicon to make sure the waste is firmly fitted into the urinal)

Step 4: Firmly insert the FreeFlowing Waterless Urinal Valve™ into the waste and check for leaks.

Step 5: Turn off the water supply.

It’s even easier to maintain!

The FreeFlowing Waterless Urinal Valve™ requires very little maintenance. Simply clean with water and neutral detergent (soft soap) only. No acid or harsh chemicals. We recommend using Sannitree’s Urinal Deep Cleaner™ – a specially formulated urinal cleaner that is especially effective for eliminating foul organic odours around urinals and is made from liquid enzymes.

4 reviews for FreeFlowing Urinal Valve™

  1. ST-Admin

    The 1st FreeFlowing Waterless Urinal Valve units lasted up to 4 years without the need to change them!
    GARTH RICHARDS, Owner, Graphic Laminates

  2. ST-Admin

    To our surprise, and following feedback from our cleaner, we found that there were indeed no odours from the urinal and subsequently elected to alter the remaining four as well.
    G. Moretti, Coca-Cola

  3. ST-Admin

    They are PERFECT! No more smell!! I never got used to that blue seal chemical odor that comes with the Waterless brand urinals. Always the chemical or chemical and urine smell. Now there’s just NO smell. They are wonderful and we couldn’t be happier!
    Kory, Arizona State University

  4. ST-Admin

    We have installed a total of 80 waterless urinals in the garden, restaurants and offices over the past 15 years, with great success. We use a one way valve locally made by Sannitree
    PHILIP LE ROUX, Curator, Kirstenbosch Gardens

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