Over-powering ammonia gas is known to cause respiratory problems in pigs. Sannisty™ will reduce these problems and the pig mortality rates.

Sannisty™ granules are fully degradable and enhance the performance of sewage disposal systems. It does not contribute to the pollution of water and it contains no phenols or phosphates.

How it works


How to use

Sannisty™ is best applied direct to the pens or coops so that it passes through the floor slats. There will be a noticeable decrease in ammonia smell, and this can easily be verified using a Draeger ammonia test kit.

Farms that use Sannisty™ have dramatically cleaner effluent and will have far less solids accumulation and bad odour than the farm that does not.

Ask your Sannitree® representative for exact dosage amounts.

Technical Info


  • 1 kg bucket
  • 25 kg bulk
  • International markets – concentrates available for blending in your country


18 months in a cool, dry place


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