Turf Pong™

You’ve laid artificial grass and it looks and feels great! When you installed it you were told cleaning it was simply a matter of hosing it down. But every time you turn the hose on it, the stench of dog urine seems to get worse, not better!

You’ve probably tried a range of disinfectants and bactericides but nothing seems to work. Now the pong is so bad you’re considering ripping it up! STOP! Our miracle solution for artificial grass utilizes a combination of enzymes AND bacteria that work together to first stop the smell in its tracks, then eliminate the cause so it doesn’t resurface!

REMEMBER! If you’ve got dogs (or cats for that matter), urine smells on artificial grass or turf will be an ongoing problem. Turf Pong™ is just the start of managing the problem. Read more about how it works below, then contact us to find out more about our innovative solutions for the everyday management of pet urine smells on artificial grass.

How it works


Directions for Use

  • NB: Apply after sundown.
  • Spray the ready-to-use liquid liberally on the smelly spot.
  • DO NOT spray in direct sunlight. (Note: Ammonia decomposition takes place over a few hours. We recommend that Turf Pong™ is applied after sundown to allow maximum time for reaction.)
  • Use as often needed.

Important Note

Artificial grass can reach very high temperatures. As enzyme products can have a reduced efficiency when the turf’s temperature exceeds 45C, pet urine smells may reoccur if the bacteria have not had a chance to completely digest the ammonia due to high temperatures. Bacteria will become active again after sundown or when temperatures cool.

Technical Info

Safety & Cautions

  • Turf Pong™ is harmless to pets, people, and the environment.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If swallowed: drink large amounts of water or milk.
  • Contact with eyes: rinse with water.

Storage & Shelf-life

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This product will expire 2 years from the time of opening.


As conditions of use are beyond our control, no warranty is made on this product.


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