Water Treatment

Treat 5 to 20 cubes of waste water per day with Sannitree’s DWAF compliant Super Sewer

By |2022-10-05T15:41:19+02:003 March 2020|Water Recycling, Water Saving & Recycling|

While Sannitree® do not claim to polish effluent water to clarity good enough to mix with your favourite whiskey, they offer a fantastic waste stream perfect for use in agriculture or landscaping.

Natural biological solutions to a wide range of aquaculture problems

By |2022-10-03T11:06:37+02:0014 April 2014|Aquafarming & Aquaculture|

Using the latest research, Sannitree® has scientifically formulated environmentally-friendly treatment products which use the latest biotechnology to create natural biological solutions to a wide range of problems that can occur.

South Africa’s Oldest Hotel Chooses Sannitree

By |2022-10-03T12:04:11+02:0023 May 2012|Industrial & Municipal, Septic Tank Maintenance, Water Recycling, Water Saving & Recycling|

To reach the stringent levels set out by the Department of Water Affairs,  Houw Hoek Inn approached Sannitree to provide a turnkey waste disposal system that ticked every box on the department's checklist.


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