100% natural &
friendly to people,
animals, plumbing
& the environment


The most effective and most economical way to break down organic waste.

Developed by our own world-class enzymologist and backed by the best technical support, our product line is constantly undergoing research and development to ensure we are at the forefront of enzymology development.

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Product Solutions

Blood Stains

Remove blood stains on carpets, upholstery and more – even porous concrete or bricks!


Eliminate bad smells caused by organic matter like urine, vomit, refuse and milk.

Toilets, Urinals & Portaloos

Radically reduce water consumption and reduce malodours in urinals, toilets and portaloos.

Fat Trap & Drains

Prevent blockages and keep drain lines free flowing with our powerful range of enzymatic products purpose-designed to digest grease and fat.

Wastewater Treatment

Target the cause of malodours in wastewater systems like rainwater tanks and municipal pump stations.

Septic Tanks & Pit Toilets

Prevent blockages and reduce fly populations and malodours with these popular enzymatic solutions for septic tanks and pit toilets.


Reduce mortality rates and increase your yield with our completely harmless and environmentally-friendly range of biological water cleaners.

Livestock & Soil

Reduces ammonia odours in the animal pen and animal mortality rate with granules formulated to break down the toxic ammonia gas caused by pig or chicken urine and faeces.

Hand Sannitiser

Eliminate viruses on the go!


100% natural & friendly to people, animals, plumbing & the environment

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Odour Digestor

Turf Pong

Bio Enzymes for Septic Tanks

Pong Gone

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