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Sannitree® offers an excellent opportunity to earn substantial profits on investment – marketing opportunities for the sale of our bio-enzyme products exist in the fields of farming, industrial and commercial sectors, retail, mining and aqua culture.

We are active in both the local South African market, as well as internationally and are always looking to expand into new territories.

If you are an entrepreneur or have an organization that is interested in the environment, here is an opportunity to get involved in a multi-billion dollar industry and make a meaningful contribution to your community.

South Africa, as a 3rd world country has had a lot of experience with basic sewerage treatment, as the country expands its infrastructure and population movement to the cities the demand on our sewerage works and basic sewerage systems has increased dramatically.

With this background combined with 1st world technology under the guidance of world-renowned Enzymologist Dr. P Celliers, it is not difficult to understand how our research and technology has over the past 20 years, developed and refined natural, environmentally-friendly formulations which now rate among the best in the world for quality, activity and more than competitive pricing.

If you feel that the Sannitree® range of bio-enzyme organic cleaning products can fit in with your existing range, or you would like to establish a meaningful new division to your company, then please contact us for further information or to place an opening order.

Sannitree® ISO 9001/2008 Certified.


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