Fatcracker™ Granules

Fatcracker™ Granules is a fast-acting formulation used specifically to clear fat build-up in kitchens. In the day to day operations of a restaurant fat trap, a lot of fat can pass right through the fat trap and septic tank to clog up soakaways, french drains and sub-terranean systems.

Fatcracker™ Granules target this fat before it can become a problem and work alongside FreeFlo™ Tablets, which are used to prevent crowning in the outlet pipe.

How it works


How to use

Depending on the circumstances, Fatcracker™ Granules can be applied either directly to the fat trap or tanks OR applied to the kitchen sinks/wash-up basins to clear the pipes to the fat traps and to assist the Free Flo™ Tablets in the fat traps to break down fats and oils while helping to clear the pipes to the septic tanks. It is best that a daily dosage takes place. Simply pour 30 grams into the outlet T-piece of the last compartment of the grease trap, septic tank or sink. This ensures that the granules pass into the soakaway.

Technical Info


  • 1 kg bucket
  • 25 kg bulk
  • International markets – concentrates available for blending in your country.


12 months. Keep in a cool, dry place.


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