Odour Digestor™

Odour Digestor™ will remove urine odors and other stains and smells caused by pets, blood spilled milk, vomit, and rotten food. It is a secret enzyme cleaner that literally digests organic matter. The active enzymes in the miracle formula completely remove and eliminate those hard-to-get-rid-of smells! Odour Digestor™ is also highly effective at blood stain removal and will remove blood stains on carpets, upholstery, and even porous concrete or bricks!

Unlike chemical-based products that claim to remove urine odor and other smells, Odour Digestor™ does not mask the smell. The active enzymes completely remove the organic matter causing the bad smell. It is 100% environmentally friendly and not harmful to pets or humans. (Odour Digestor™ does not contribute to pollution as it contains no phenols or phosphates.)

Say goodbye to bad smells for good!

How it works

Why is Odour Digestor™ so effective at removing pet urine, milk, blood and vomit?

Most odour removal products simply mask the bad smells but Odour Digestor™ targets and digests the organic substance that causes the bad smell – eliminating the stench and the stain for good!

The benefits of an enzyme cleaner vs a chemical product

  • Enzymatic cleaners like Odour Digestor™ eliminates foul odours at the source
  • Works on a wide range of organic smells including vomit, urine, blood, milk spills, refuse bins and pet mess.
  • Easy to apply
  • Completely harmless to humans and animals
  • Because it removes the urine, milk, vomit, food or blood, Odour Digestor™
  • Does not leave a masking smell
  • Removes stains along with the odour
  • Guaranteed to work!

What’s it good for?

  • Urine, dog pee, cat wee, refuse bins, vomit, spilled milk, pet mess and blood
  • Food processing plants, especially fish
  • Cleaning textiles: carpets, curtains and upholstery
  • Old age homes
  • Potty training accidents
  • Forensic cleaning
  • Hospital laundry cleaning
  • Organic stain removal on carpets


Application conditions

The active ingredients in Odour Digestor™ are soluble in water.

Inactivated by: Heavy metals, cyanide, fluorides, phenols.


Households, hotels, and old age homes, for spills such as milk, vomit or urine: First test a small area for colour tolerance. Spray the affected area with a liberal dose and wait for up to 24 hours for the odour to disappear. (Please note: a second application may be necessary for serious odours.)

For refuse bins and surrounding areas: First, ensure that no harmful chemicals have been used prior to application. Rinse the area with water if necessary and spray liberally.

For food processing plants/fish factories: Remove as many solids as possible and then spray the odor remover liberally using 1 litre per 10m² of surface area. A second application may be necessary for serious odours.

Spray liberally in the surrounding area of commercial & industrial urinals and toilets.

Packaging & Storage


  • 250 ml spray top bottles – 10 per tray
  • 5 litre jug
  • 20 litre drum: ready to use
  • International market: concentrates available to blend in your country


12 months. Keep in a cool, dry place out of sunlight.

2 reviews for Odour Digestor™

  1. ST-Admin

    Good Morning Mr. May

    I have not given feedback to you with my last two crime scene cleanup’s, but I think you might want to know.

    I have had two different scenes, which I never had, on which I tried and tested your enzymes again.

    One was a suicide with a fire arm, there was blood on unsealed cement as well as brain tissue.

    My other most recent scene, was a vehicle in which a person bled after being stabbed.

    I had my reservations with both of them, but thought, this is what I have, just going to try my best, and again, I was surprised.

    If you are not using the enzyme sparingly, as I did initially, it will take blood out of almost anything, I think.

    I was able to get rather thick blood out of the unsealed cement, no stains left behind, and the vehicle was my biggest surprise.

    I informed the client that I might have to cut the piece of carpet and seating, but there was no need.

    I simply used ample of the enzyme on the dry carpet and used a powerful wet/dry vacuum cleaner to suck it up.

    I wish you could see how well it worked.

    I simply prayed the areas, left it for a few seconds and started vacuuming, I stopped the vacuuming, the moment I saw that the fluids,

    Sucked up by the vacuum cleaner, was clear and not red anymore.

    I really am extremely happy with your product.

    I have attached some photographs for you, to give you an idea.

    (Will appreciate it if you could delete it as I have to protect my clients)

    Thank you for a great product.

    petro van der Westhuizen, Crime Scene SolutionS

  2. ST-Admin

    …It will take blood out of almost anything, I think. I simply used ample of the Odour Digestor on the dry carpet and used a powerful wet/dry vacuum cleaner to suck it up.

    I wish you could see how well it worked. I really am extremely happy with your product!

    Petro van der Westhuizen, Crime Scene Solutions

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